Pagoda Marquee Hire Glasgow Edinburgh & Scotland

A Pagoda marquee adds a touch of class to any event, with its unique look and optional internal linings it’s a real eye-catcher.

Pagoda marquees can be joined together to create a stunning effect.

They can also be used as an elegant entrance to a larger clearspan structure for events such as weddings.

Available in sizes: 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m and 6m x 6m.

Windows on request and only if available.

6 Metre Examples

Example 1

6m Pagoda with 9 x 6ft trestle tables. 54 seated however would feel neat but shows the maximum under this size.

Example 2

6m Pagoda with 4 x 5ft round tables seating 10 at each. Ideal for an extension to a larger party on its own as a family gathering.

6m pagoda CAD

5 Metre Examples

Example 1

5m Pagoda with 4 x 6ft trestle tables seating 24 with 2 x buffet tables.

Example 2

5m Pagoda with 2 x 4ft round tables and 2 x 5ft round tables seating 32 total.

5m pagoda CAD

4 Metre Examples

Example 1

4m Pagoda with 12 seated, buffet tables and 3 poseur tables. Possible total of around 20 guests.

Example 2

4m Pagoda with 1 x 5ft round table, buffet tables and 1 poseur table. Possible of around 14 guests

4m pagoda CAD

3 Metre Examples

Example 1

3m Pagoda with a table of six, buffet table and poseur table with approx 14 guests

Example 2

Simple single table with 10 seated for a meal.

3m pagoda CAD