Temporary Marquees for Social Distancing in Schools

Here at Baillies Marquees, we are dedicated to not only providing events marquees for weddings, parties and gatherings, but to also offering temporary practical solutions for various sectors as a result of the pandemic.

COVID has brought about a lot of changes for businesses and organisations, and schools are no different. With pupils currently still attending school, it is important for the education sector to stay on top of social distancing in order to prevent the spread of the virus so children can receive the level of education they need in the safest way.

Here are a few ideas where a temporary marquee hire from Baillies Marquees in Glasgow and Edinburgh might be able to help.

Expanding Class Room Space

Marquee hires are a great way to temporarily expand the size of your classroom without the need to expand the size of the school building.

Many classes have had to reduce the capacity of pupils within the classroom in order to abide by social distancing measures, which can have a real strain on school staff.

A marquee hire will provide a large, open classroom space, which can be heated in the cooler months, meaning classes can be taught all together and both pupils and staff will be safe and socially distanced.

Sheltered Dining/Recreational Areas

Perhaps your school’s dining room has had to be closed off to reduce the amount of pupil traffic passing through these areas.

A way to split clusters of pupils up from eating lunch in the same room is by choosing a temporary marquee equipped with tables and chairs, so groups of pupils can spread across various dining spaces across the school.

A temporary marquee hire can also provide pupils with extra space to hang out at breaks and lunch times when the weather is too bad to spend the time outside, avoiding big groups of people crowding inside the school building.


If your school’s food preparation or serving area does not provide a safe working environment for catering staff due to its size or layout, our Glasgow and Edinburgh marquee hires can be repurposed to help resolve this problem.

Staggering lunch times is a way to decrease the flow of students receiving their lunch at one time, but this could mean that staff need more time and space to prepare food so that it remains warm for everyone.

Whether you need extra kitchen prep space or a larger area to serve school lunches, a marquee hire offers great opportunity to expand the current catering facilities the school building has to ensure that all staff and pupils are socially distanced according to the guidelines.

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