Temporary crew accommodation for festivals and events.

Temporary crew accommodation for festivals and events.

Efficient use of space with maximum comfort and privacy for your crew or guests at a new groundbreaking budget cost per sleep.

Unclear on this new concept?

Have a look at this short video showing one of the many uses of Bed-Stay at The 24hr Nurburgring Rally

Baillies Marquees introduces Bed-Stay to the UK events industry for the 2019 festival and events season.

Bed-Stay is a real affordable alternative to the age old problem of crew accommodation, giving not only a potential significant saving but also incredible flexibility in how to integrate your crew into a variety of sites.

The versatility of the Bed-Stay system brings a wealth of problem solving opportunities that have never been available before within the UK events market.

A real budget alternative to cabin accommodation. Starting from £4 per sleep per night .

The flexibility of Bed-Stay means you can choose the level of use and therefore keep control of your crew accommodation costs. They can be erected inside marquees, farm buildings, unused factories or offices. Literally anywhere that keeps the cost down but maintaining a level of comfort acceptable to any crew. Various add-ons like shower blocks, kitchen areas, drying rooms or lounge area can be added to complete the feel of what may be required for each site. These add-ons can be sourced locally to keep both the carbon footprint and cost to a minimum.

Designed as a no waste green friendly product as an alternative to used tents being shipped to landfill en-mass.

Woman walking through a Bed Stay prebuilt unit


This is one of the most space-efficient flexible housing solutions available.

3 people took 10 minutes to setup this crew accommodation unit


With just 3 people we take 10 minutes per unit to setup. Fast service for an on-time event.

Bed-Stay units can be setup in tents, marquees, halls, or buildings


The Bed-Stay units can be setup in almost any tent, hall, or building.

Made from easy to clean materials


Ensure clean and pleasant surroundings for your guests.



Real pillows, real duvets, soft underlays allow for a comfortable night’s sleep

Woman opening a lockable storage locker


Lockable storage with internal electrical outlets for laptops keep valuables secure and fully charged.

Black out curtains and lighting


Black out curtains allow for a comfortable sleep, while the rest of the space can be safely lit, 24/7.

USB ports are handy for device charging, USB lamps or fans


Bedside USB ports can be used for personal device charging, USB lamps or fans.

Volunteers erect a bed in minutes


Your own volunteers can be taught to erect the beds in minutes, all adding to the cost savings.

For a quick quote on any accommodation needs, please give us a call on 0141 774 0830 where we will be only too pleased to go through costs and help explain everything in more detail.